Pediatric Disaster Preparedness online training courses with Physician & Nurse Credits

Please see the following online courses available for continuing education credits from the National Center for Disaster Medicine & Public Health – and distribute to those interested: More training can be found at

Tracking & Reunification of Children in Disasters

TRAIN Course ID: 1042676

Authors: Sandy Kimmer, MD, MPH; Brian Altman, PhD; Kandra Strauss-Riggs, MPH 

This lesson focuses on responding to an unaccompanied child in a disaster. During this lesson, learners will absorb core material and apply their knowledge in three case studies. Learners can also access and complete a downloadable reference card for use during a disaster.

Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: An Approach to the Patient

TRAIN Course ID: 1047388

Author: Gary Crouch, MD, MHSA, Col (Ret), USAF, MC

This product is a primer that discusses the unique needs of pediatric patients during and after exposure to radiation. After reading the primer, learners can visit the 10-question knowledge check. The knowledge check also serves as a self-assessment for learners already confident in their knowledge of the subject matter.

Radiation Disaster Issues in Children: A Case-Based Activity

TRAIN Course ID: 1050965

Authors: NCDMPH Acting Director Kenneth Schor, DO, MPH and Project Associate Thomas Fitzgerald, MPH

This case-based activity addresses the needs of children in radiological disasters through an interactive online lesson. Throughout the activity, learners will explore three pediatric case examples to learn about patient management. In addition, the activity introduces learners to references that can be used during and after a radiological disaster.

Psychosocial Impacts of Disasters on Children

TRAIN Course ID: 1047369

Author: David J Schonfeld, MD, FAAP

This online lesson addresses the unique mental and behavioral health needs of children in disasters. The lesson includes "In the Field " which provides examples of how healthcare practitioners applied concepts related to the psychosocial welfare of children after an event. By taking this online course, health professionals who care for children can help mitigate the negative effects of severe events on children’s mental wellness. Also see materials on the following topics: Pediatric Population, Disaster Behavioral Health , Geriatric Population and Public Health Law in Disasters.

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