May 2016 Region Wide Training

Emerald Coast Healthcare Coalition will be hosting a region wide exercise from May 16-20, 2016.  This is in correlation to the State's hurricane exercise during the same period of time, however we are not planning the exercise with hurricane situations.  Our regional exercise will be an off-shot from the hurricane exercise thereby impacting the state's communication and ESF system.

The exercise scenario being discussed is Active Shooter with a Terrorism and Biological element.  The planning team has received input from many agencies who are in agreement to prepare for Active Shooter scenarios with what is happening more and more in our world.

Our coalition exercise planning team met with representatives from the State this past Friday and will be coordinating information and agency participation with the State.  

Attached are two forms:
a.  Scenario Worksheet
B.  Extent of Play Agreement  

If your agency wishes to participate in the regional exercise, we ask that you complete the two attached forms and return them to my attention no later than Friday December 18, 2015.  We will then in turn send the information to the State exercise team and coordination of events, locations, etc will commence.

Please be advised that if you are a hospital with an ASPR contract with the State, it is mandatory for you to participate in some facet including full participation, or as minor as reporting into the EM Resource System, however this exercise will be a good test for situation planning for all agencies.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

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